The AMIPAK casing designed for production of all types of frankfurters, wieners, hot dogs, and mini sausages

The AMIPAK casing made on advanced equipment, which ensures:

  • continuous control of all parameters.
  • maximum automation of the production process.

The basic quality characteristics and test conditions for the AMIPAK casing of all types detailed in the specifications.


The casing can be printed on one side or two sides. The number of printing colors is from 1+0 to 6+6. CMYK printing is optional.

Printing: the curved casings can be used only for:

  • single-side printing with ‘face register’;
  • double-side printing without register (i.e., when the artwork is background printing).
  • The high mechanical strength of the AMIPAK casing makes it possible to mold chubs not only by manual tying, but also by using various types of equipment to achieve a high rate of production and overfilling relative to the nominal caliber. The caliber consistency in the AMIPAK casings provides for stable filling on frankfurter lines and stuffer linkers.
  • High barrier properties. The oxygen and water vapor transmission rate of the AMIPAK casing is much lower than that of collagen and cellulose casings, which provides for the following advantages:
    • minimum losses during the thermal processing (0 – 1.5%) and storage of frankfurters and wieners;
    • excellent selling appearance of the finished products (no wrinkles) throughout the shelf life.
  • The high heat resistance of the polymers used to make the AMIPAK casings significantly extends the utilization temperature range of the casing in comparison with collagen and cellulose casings. The casing is stable at high temperatures.
  • Microbiological resistance. The polymers used for production of the AMIPAK casings are impervious to bacteria and mold fungi. This improves the hygienic characteristics of both the casing itself, and the finished products.

AMIPAK A For use on automatic equipment. When used on automatic hot-dog machines, no additional preparation required before stuffing. Supplied in shirred sticks with a closed end.

AMIPAK R Designed for manual tying and use on stuffers with twisting supplied in shirred sticks with an open end.

AMIPAK LSI Inextensible easily removable casing.

AMIPAK DF High flexibility casing, which does not require pre-soaking.

AMIPAK Ako/Rko ring(curved) casing versions of AMIPAK.

  • Casings type
  • Printing
    The casing can be printed on one side or two sides. The number of printing colors is from 1+0 to 6+6. CMYK printing is optional. The AMIPAK E casing is supplied with marking only.
  • Forms of supply
    Shirred sticks
  • Casing type
  • Casing caliber, mm
    15 – 38

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