AMISTYLE HB is a heat-sealable high barrier film with an EvOH layer. The AMISTYLE HB film is intended for use on various types of continuous-operation automatic equipment: vertical molding and clipping systems; horizontal heat-sealing automatic machines ganged up with clippers. Contact heat-sealing or hot-air sealing can be used to produce tubular film. AMISTYLE HB is intended for products sold in retail outlets as whole chubs.

The AMISTYLE HB can be used for production, transportation, storage and sale of paste-like food products, which need no thermal processing, such as:

  • food fats, butter;
  • processed cheeses;
  • ice cream;
  • sour cream;
  • minced meat, etc.


The AMISTYLE HB film is made of polyamide, polyolefin, an adhesive (modified polyethylene) and EvOH.

Available in Canada only.

  • Biaxial orientation of the film in combination with its mechanical strength allows you to make portioned products with a fixed weight at a high rate of molding, and provides for stability of the sausage weight and size.
  • Heat-shrink properties ensure the absence of wrinkles on the finished products.
  • Low permeability to oxygen and water vapor provides for the following advantages of the AMISTYLE HB film:
  • zero losses during the thermal processing and storage of food products;
  • microbiological stability of the products during storage;
  • retardation of the oxidation processes that cause rancidification of the fats contained in the food products;
  • excellent selling appearance (no wrinkles) of the finished products throughout the shelf life.
  • Physiological safety the film is impervious to microbiological damage, because its materials are inert to the action of bacteria and mold fungi.
    This facilitates storage of the casing and improves the hygienic characteristics of the casing itself and of the sausage production.
  • Low specific weight of the film (kg/m2) ensures a perfect ratio between the product weight and the packaging weight.
  • Model
  • Printing
    The AMISTYLE HB films can be used for single- or double-sided marking in a single color, multicolor or CMYK printing with the use of volatile solvent-based inks. Printing is applied by the flexographic method. The inks are resistant to boiling, fats, and mechanical action.
  • Forms of supply
    Rolls on the 76 mm cardboard cores
  • Sealing/Molding temperature
    The sealing and molding parameters are selected experimentally and depend on the specific equipment.
  • Film width, mm
    80 – 350

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