Cortex CBP 496 VARIO

Conveyorized poultry skinning machine for chicken corpus skinning (chicken breast with skin and bones, without legs and wings).


cutting speed: 24 m/min


  • CBP 496 VARIO offset when processing chicken corpus
  • deployable also with alternative pressure roller to skin chicken legs



  • Pressure roller with star shaped pressure wheels to skin chicken legs
  • skin removal conveyor
  • plastic modular belts
  • NEW: Cleaning trolley for storage and cleaning of dismountable parts like: conveyors, belts, pressure roller and blade holder
  • 2 special pressure paddle rollers to skin corpus
  • stepless height adjustable pressure unit with variable speed and adjustable counterweight
  • special chicken skinning blade
  • blade holder spring suspended
  • special transport roller for chicken skinning
  • infeed conveyor
  • discharge conveyor
  • dynamic stainless steel cleaning roller
  • NOCK Air-Jet compressed air cleaning System
  • NOCK POWER PLATES® for special robustness and service-friendliness
  • NOCK EASY-FLOW® safety cover for reliable product flow and better processing hygiene
  • lockable castors
  • stainless steel
  • stainless steel bearings
  • Model
    CBP 496 VARIO
  • cutting width, mm
    2 x 160
  • cutting speed, m/min
  • maximum throughput height, mm
  • motor performance, kW
  • overall dimension W x H x D, mm
    800 x 1250 x 2700
  • infeed conveyor, mm
    1170 x 425
  • discharge conveyor, mm
    850 x 425
  • discharge conveyor for removed skin, mm
    650 x 425
  • weight, kg

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