Sausage Clips

Aluminum clips are intended for clipping different types of casings (polyamide, fibrous, collagen, natural, cellulose) with portioned meat and dairy products, as well as, other bulk agricultural products in tubular netting. If necessary, a loop, string, or labelling tape can also be applied under the clip. Please contact us to request free samples, today!

KOMPO manufactures most clip types and sizes common in any market of the world. The two main types are U-shape clips and Continuous clips which can be used in a clipping machine of any brand for any size of casing or nets. KOMPO North America Inc. provides the warranty for all the clips manufactured and supplied to our customers in North and Latin America.
We will be happy to send you free samples of our U-shape and Continuous clips. Our technicians may assist you in testing the clips in your clipping machines providing recommendations and deep knowledge of the clipping machines and clips used in them. Please, call us Toll Free for a recommendation or free samples!