Washer (for Gaylord Plastic Containers, Collapsible Bulk Container, Big Plastic Boxes, Stainless Steel Buggies)

The universal design of the basic version of the machine allows you to wash two 200-liter Stainless Steel Buggies or one Big Plastic Box container alternately. Ensures the continuity of the production process in compliance with sanitary and hygienic production standards, and also optimizes manual labor.

The container is automatically loaded into the cabin of the washing machine, where the washing and rinsing process takes place. The washing and rinsing frames wash the outer and inner surfaces of the container, making movements around the circumference. The circulation of the cleaning solution occurs through a mesh or rotary filter, removing large fractions of impurities.

For each existing type of containers, a special design set of the machine’s grip has been prepared. Specialized fences with electrical interlocking are responsible for the safety of the employee, with which it is strongly recommended to equip the model.

• Big Box containers 20 pcs/hour;
• Stainless Steel Buggies 40 pcs / hour.

Types of processed containers:
• Gaylord Plastic Containers
• Collapsible Bulk Container
• Big Plastic Boxes
• Stainless Steel Buggies
• Garbage containers

All KOMPO machines are designed and manufactured in Europe with European, Japanese and North American parts – efficient, reliable, long warranty!

Custom machines are available.

  • Washing machine and all parts are manufactured of stainless steel AISI 304;
  • Rotary washing and rinsing frame;
  • Automatic loading and unloading of containers using a mechanical door-lift closing drive;
  • Quick changeover from one type of container to another;
  • The water, detergent and electricity recovery system reduces the operating costs of the enterprise and allows you to take care of the environment;
  • Metering pump with electrical conductivity sensor for automatic maintenance of detergent solution concentration;
  • Storage tank for rinsing water with automatic water level retention;
  • Touch control panel with intuitive interface;
  • Automatic maintenance of the temperature of the cleaning solution;
  • Possibility of execution of the machine with a different arrangement of the position of the rotary filter;
  • The possibility of equipping the machine with a water heating system for rinsing;
  • Various combinations of cleaning solution heating systems;
  • Protection system for lowering the door in the presence of a person in the loading/unloading area of the container to ensure safety;
  • The presence of a pipe for connecting exhaust ventilation.
  • Powerful water pumps
  • Separate water pumps for washing and rinsing
  • Washing time and temperature programmable
  • Adjustable water consumption
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Adjustable washing cycle
  • Active exhaust system (optional)
  • Disinfection spray after rinsing (optional)
  • Rotational filter (optional)
  • Double buggies washer (optional)
  • Touch screen display
  • Model
    КSВ/КЕВ 40
  • Output per hour
    up to 40 per hour
  • Power supply
    by customer's request
  • Water input
    G 3/4; 0.3 Mpa
  • Water output
    DN 50
  • Reservoir, liters
    600 liters
  • Heating elements (2 pieces)
    12 kW (each)
  • Overall dimensions: Length*Width*Height, mm
  • Net weight, kg

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