KOMPO-MAXI + Continuous Grinder VP-6000 + High Speed Fully Auto Double Clipper KN-501

High Output Vacuum Filler KOMPO-MAXI + Continuous Grinder Attachment KOMPO VP-6000 + High Speed Fully Auto Double Clipper KOMPO-SPRINT KN-501 If you are looking for a balanced line of equipment for the production of sausage products - choose KOMPO equipment. We offer options either for small processing companies or for big production plants.
The series of screw vacuum fillers KOMPO-MAXI is designed for businesses producing large volumes of high-quality products. Working with forcemeat temperatures of -4C, the KOMPO MAXI facilitates the production of high quality products, without pores and displaying a fine section pattern. The unique Vacuum+ setting allows our equipment to fully eliminate the mincemeat gassing effect. Another advantage of KOMPO MAXI fillers is their universality: producing boiled sausages, cooked and smoked sausages, summer sausages, and dried sausages of the highest quality.


The grinding attachment VP-6000 is attached to a vacuum stuffer and designated to produce a clear pattern (of adjustable granularity) throughout the cut of combination cooked/smoked and dry sausage products. Application: large and medium-sized meat processing, poultry processing and fish processing enterprises.


The automatic double clipper KOMPO-SPRINT (KN-501) uses continuous clips and is designed to automatically squeeze and clip tubular casings, as well as, to cut between portions and apply loops as needed. The KN-501 can be used in meat, fish, poultry, and dairy processing industries. It is ideally suited for a variety of applications, including the packaging of sausages, ice-cream, butter, soft cheeses, curds, mayonnaise, and other paste-like products into tubular casings.