Vacuum Filler KOMPO-MINI + Semi-Auto Double Clipper KN-201

Low Output Vacuum Filler KOMPO-MINI + Semi-Auto Double Clipper KOMPO-PROFI KN-24. If you are looking for a balanced line of equipment for the production of sausage products - choose KOMPO equipment. We offer options either for small processing companies or for big production plants.

The vacuum filler KOMPO-MINI is a perfect solution for small size businesses with high demands on the range and quality of finished products. Its compact dimensions and compatibility with clippers of any manufacturer make it indispensable for making high-quality products. At the same time, the high degree of vacuumization ensures the output of fine and premium quality products without pores. An option for heating of the stainless steel hopper and displacer housing allows the KOMPO-MINI to fill casings with melted cheese, butter, curds and other similar products.


The KOMPO-PROFI (KN-201) semi-automatic double clipper is designed to clip fragile collagen, cellulose, and polyamide casings of up to 90mm diameter. Casings are clipped with controlled overfilling percentages and dosing. The KN-201 applies two clips, a loop, and date printed tape simultaneously. It has a variety of unique settings controlled with touch screen. When clipping single chubs, the KN-201 applies two clips and cuts between them automatically. With sausage links, it automatically cuts between every second, third, or fourth chub (adjustable to your preference). The KN-201 can also be used to produce ring sausages, requiring a wide tray and butcher twine feeding system.