Vacuum FIller KOMPO-OPTI + Fully Auto Double Clipper KN-32

Mid Output Vacuum Filler KOMPO-OPTI + Fully Auto Double Clipper KOMPO KN-32 If you are looking for a balanced line of equipment for the production of sausage products - choose KOMPO equipment. We offer options either for small processing companies or for big production plants.

The vacuum filler KOMPO-OPTI is an optimum combination of quality, productivity and efficiency. Vacuum fillers of the series OPTI are designed for filling various casings and additional vacuuming of all types of forcemeat. They are adapted to a wide spectrum of meat processing and sausage manufacturing businesses, as well as, dairy packers with different outputs. KOMPO-OPTI fillers ensure a high quality of vacuuming when producing sausages of all kinds, which distinguishes them from similar equipment of other manufacturers. Due to many engineering solutions, every model is adapted to the customers’ requirements to the utmost.


KN-32 series clippers represent the best combination of the operating speed and clipping quality. Clippers of this series are designed for working with various casings (collagen, cellulose, polyamide) and are able to ensure a high operating speed along with the highest filling quality due to unique technologies used by KOMPO. The main advantages of KN-32 series clippers include economy, reliability, and compatibility with fillers of all major manufacturers. The high-quality materials used by KOMPO ensure a long service life with minimal wear on the machine and low maintenance costs.