Vacuum mixer RXK-150V

Mixer dedicated for small size industry, ideally suited for mixing commonly produced stuffing, especially meat from the following range: pet food, sausage, ham sausage, fine and coarsely shredded. Universal design and a large range of parameters make the machine ideal for the production of high-yield and traditional products.

Vacuum mixer RXK-150V is made of stainless acid-proof steel. The machine allows mixing in both directions. It is equipped with single mixing shaft and has a moisture proof button control panel. Motor power 1.5 kW provides 5-48 rot. /min. The mixer has a powerful vacuum pump delivering output is 10 m3/h. The tank capacity is 150 liters, which allows it to fill with 115 kg of products. Unloading provided by a mechanical system based on the rotation of paddles. The mixer adapted to unloading directly into the standard buggies of 200 liters capacity. The vacuum mixer RXK-150V can be equipped with additional options such as a touch panel, temperature measuring system, weight system, and dosage of water.

  • Model
    RXK 150V
  • Control panel
    button control
  • Tank capacity, l
  • Max. Charge, kg.
  • Total power, kW
  • Vacuum pump productivity, m³/ h
  • Rotation speed, rot./min
  • Voltage, V/Hz
  • Dimensions (L * B * H), mm
    1285 x 750 x 1650
  • Weight, kg
  • Touch panel
    Additional option
  • Temperature measuring system
    Additional option
  • Weight system
    Additional option
  • Dosage of water
    Additional option

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