The "Z" type tilting mixer in the vacuum version is designed for effective and intensive mixing of raw materials for meat, vegetable and fruit, delicatessen, bakery and confectionery products. The device is also an excellent tool for mixing thick and frozen meat stuffing such as kebab.

The device has a very massive structure and a rotating bowl. The mixing process is carried out by two overlapping “Z” type mixers at the same heights. Mixing occurs by rotating both shafts at the same speed inwards or outwards. The stuffing is unloaded by hydraulically tilting the bowl directly into two stuffing trolleys, which enables easy and quick emptying of the mixing chamber. The device is characterized by high durability and efficiency. The vacuum system eliminates air bubbles while mixing the batch, speeding up the process and improving the structure, appearance, and efficiency of various types of stuffing.

The “Z” type tilting mixer is designed to work with standard stuffing trolleys with a capacity of 200 l. The device works with a loading pole. Control is via a PLC panel. The design of the device allows for simple and quick cleaning. The machine is made entirely of acid-resistant steel and other materials certified for contact with food. The device is manufactured following national and European standards.

Design and Features:

  • Z-Type Configuration: The mixer employs a unique Z-shaped dual-shaft arm for thorough mixing.
  • Vacuum Version: It operates under vacuum conditions, allowing for improved curing, better protein extraction, and precise pre-mix density control.
  • Hydraulic Lid Opening: The mixer features a hydraulic system for easy lid opening.
  • Sanitary Construction: Constructed entirely from stainless steel, it ensures hygiene and easy cleaning.
  • Programmable Operation: The color touch-screen interface allows up to 100 mixing programs with multiple steps.



  • Meat Processing: Ideal for mixing raw materials in meat processing, including thick and frozen meat stuffing like kebab.
  • Bakery and Confectionery: Perfect for creating dough-based products, shortbread, and confectionery masses.
  • Vegetables and Fruits: Suitable for mixing vegetable and fruit ingredients.


Space-Saving Design:

  • The RXZ-2000V is an ideal choice for halls with low ceilings due to its compact design.
  • It provides space for two 200-liter bins for efficient batch processing.
  • Model
  • Control panel
    touch screen
  • Tank capacity, l
  • Max. Charge, kg.
  • Total power, kW
  • Hydraulic pump , kW
  • Rotation speed, rot./min
  • Voltage, V/Hz
    by customer request
  • Dimensions (L * B * H), mm
  • Weight, kg
  • Column lifter for 200L trolleys
    Additional option
  • Temperature measuring system
    Additional option
  • Weight system
    Additional option
  • Dosage of water
    Additional option

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