BOX WASHING MACHINE LUREA TSC/TEC 1200/2000 DUOS is designed for the efficient washing of technological containers (boxes) of various dimensions by means of a washing solution supplied under high pressure through nozzles directed to the treated surface.


  • LUREA TSC/TEC 1200: 1000-1300 pcs/hour;
  • LUREA TSC/TEC 2000: 1300-2000 pcs/hour;
  • The standard version consists of a washing section and a rinsing section.



  • pre–wash module for the treatment of heavily conteminated surfaces;
  • AIR blowing module for removing excess water/drying after rinsing.



  • the horizontal arrangement of the tunnel and adjustable guides ensure the universal use of the machine for washing various types of production and transport containers;
  • digital intuitive automatic control of washing programs;
  • to prevent water splashing, double removable shutters are provided at the inlet and outlet;
  • for the convenience of loading and unloading containers, the loaded and unloaded trays have been increased;
  • hermetically installed maintenance windows do not allow a drop of moisture to pass through.
  • plastic boxes (calibrated, warehouse, for freezing, universal)
  • plastic universal containers (automotive standard)
  • euro containers
  • bottles finpack
  • meat boxes (meat, sausage, fish, poultry, for freezing)
  • boxes for dairy products
  • bread, confectionery boxes
  • yeast boxes
  • boxes for bottles
  • boxes for vegetables
  • boxes for flowers, seedlings.
  • Active exhaust system. Designed for forced removal of steam formed during the washing process.
  • Drum filter. Ensures the removal of contaminants in automatic mode. Timely cleaning of the filter helps to extend the life of the machine.
  • A flip device for returning containers to the loading zone. Provides convenient maintenance of the machine by one person and saves labor resources.
  • Mobile execution. For free movement, the machine is mounted on wheel supports with a lock. The material of the wheels is high—strength polyamide.
  • Additional heating. (+12 kW) Provides acceleration of the water preparation process, due to the configuration of an additional heating element for the fastest heating.
  • Additional pump and injectors. Increases the intensity of washing.
  • Door opening sensor. Turns off the pump and drive when the door is opened while the machine is running.
  • Wired, wireless conveyors and roller shutters. Management of the supply of containers to the loading area directly from production and the removal of clean containers to the storage location.

  • Programmable touch screen display
  • Powerful water pump
  • Adjustable water consumption
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Adjustable high and low pressure nozzles
  • Adjustable conveyor speed
  • Automatic washing soap dosing pump
  • Custom made machines available
  • guides depending on the type of containers;
  • directions and locations of nozzles;
  • conveyor speeds;
  • concentrations and temperatures of the cleaning solution.
  • Model
    LUREA TSC/TEC 1200/2000
  • Washing tunnel size, width x length
    2 tunnels 400 x 70..390mm
  • Lurea PREWASH (optional)
    2450x1350x1850 mm
  • Lurea AIR 2 fans (optional)
    2050x1350x1850 mm
  • Lurea AIR 4 fans (optional)
  • Lurea 6 AIR fans (optional)
  • Power consumption, kW
    TE (electr.) - 54 kW, TS (steam) - 18 kW
  • Output per hour
    1300-2000 boxes
  • Power supply
    by customer's request
  • Water input
    2 x G3/4; 0,3 Mpa
  • Water output
    2 x DN50
  • Reservoir, liters
    300 + 500 liters
  • Water pump power, kW
    5,5 + 11 kW
  • Heating elements (3 pieces)
    12 kW (each)
  • Overall dimensions: Length*Width*Height, mm
  • Net weight, kg

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