Large W8F Shrink Tank Compatible With Automated Packaging Line

Automatic shrink tank is designed to work with either automatic or twin-chamber packaging machines set in packaging line systems or individually. The product is shrink wrapped after previous vacuum packing.

Fully automated shrink tank made of stainless steel. Moving table also made of stainless steel and plastic. The machine equipped with a modern microprocessor controller that controls the correctness of operation and allows you to set the operating parameters of the shrink tank depending on individual needs, touch screen, automatic adjustment of the water level and temperature, stepless adjustment of immersion time, operation cycles controlled by an optical sensor and automatic shut-off after finishing work.
A product ready to be shrink-wrapped coming to the shrink tank is recognized by an optical sensor, which measures a certain amount of the product placed on the moving table, which in turn immerses and emerges it from the bath at the appropriate temperature and leads it outside.
In order to increase the capacity of the packaging line, it is recommended to use automatic feeders on both sides of the device, tailored individually to the needs of the user.

  • Quick packing thanks to 6 t/h efficiency
  • Increased capacity of the packaging line by means of a fully automated shrinking process
  • Prolonged product’s life
  • Aesthetic, neat package without unnecessary irregularities and wrinkles
  • Product is ready for effective labelling after previous drying (Dryer W10B recommended)
  • Model
    W8F Shrink Tank
  • Number of packing tanks, t/h
  • Capacity, dm3
  • Voltage, V
  • Current power, A
  • Frequency, Hz
  • Power of Heater, kW
  • Level of Protection
  • Overall dimensions, mm, maximum: Length*Width*Height
  • Net weight, kg
    220 kg

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