XSpectra® is a new generation of X-ray inspection systems capable of analyzing the composition of a product directly on the production line to determine compliance with quality requirements. It is the proud result of 10 years of research and development to create a unique and proprietary technology and inspection method.
Hardware and software are completely designed and developed internally and patented. Thanks to this total control of the technology in all its parts, Xnext realizes inspection systems totally designed for the customer’s needs.

  • FOOD
    Presence of high-density Foreign bodies (FB)
    Identification of low- and high-density FB and food contamination
    Control of packaging and non-compliant objects
    Composition of materials to be processed and alterations after processing
    Identification of type of waste (metal-plastic) presence of gas cylinders
    Better partitioning of waste based on its chemical composition
    Cold weldings in weldings of printed circuits
    Reliability analysis of welded and other components
    Gross identification of contaminants in leathers and fabrics
    Precise identification of contaminants in leathers and fabrics
    Presence of nails or protruding metal parts
    Precise identification of contaminants in leather and fabrics
    Gross analysis of prostheses and implants
    Identification of possible dangerous contaminants
    Identification of type of material and quality of oil
How does XSpectra® work?
The general structure and functioning of X-ray inspection systems

X-ray inspection machines are commonly placed in a specific spot on the production line, so that they can eject non-compliant products. An X-ray beam produced by a so-called X-ray tube passes through the product as it moves along the conveyor belt and is then projected on an X-ray detector. Measurement of the differences in X-ray beam absorption between the product and a foreign body is the basis of X-ray inspection.

The ground-breaking identification performance of XSpectra®

Whereas conventional X-ray machines use detectors based on scintillators, XSpectra® exploits semiconductor detectors. Scintillators only give indirect evaluation of the number of X-ray photons, independently from their energy.


To date, there is nothing on the market such as XSpectra®, as current inspection systems are capable to perform a 1- or 2-level of energy analysis. XSpectra®, instead, is capable of distinguishing multispectral energies, meaning that it can detect the full energy spectrum of the incident radiation, up to 1024 energy levels.


The inspection machines that adopt XSpectra® on the production line become smart! The integration of XSpectra® within the production process allows for the implementation of a KPI management system which, by enabling remote control, means fast and effective corrective interventions. This also speeds up the whole control process, thus streamlining the entire production activity, while guaranteeing high quality standards.


Besides, thanks to the specific properties of XSpectra®, the quality control machines become flexible, meaning compatible with different productions on the same line, without requiring set-up interventions. Today, technicians must intervene by setting new configuration parameters, which often cause delays and malfunctions.

XSpectra® detects both high- and low-density foreign bodies, whereas conventional X-ray systems detect only high-density foreign bodies.

Thanks to on-board parallel computing, XSpectra® is powerful and fast and therefore able to analyze products that flow closely on the conveyor belt, allowing to maintain high production speeds.

XSpectra® performs an analysis of the physical and chemical properties of the product. It is like getting the fingerprint of the material inspected.

Very easy to use, XSpectra® supports the plant management with real-time information on the nature and the localisation of the problems identified (IoT real time feedback).

XSpectra® eliminates only non-compliant products, drastically reducing the number of FPA (less than 1 out of 10,000 vs 1 out of every 500 with conventional technologies, in the food sector for example).

Thanks to its unique properties, XSpectra® can be used in many sectors:
food, waste and material recycling, pharmaceutics, metallurgy, plastics and composites, electronics, clothing, shoes, biomedical, extraction industry, security controls etc.

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