Personnel Training

Nowadays, equipment is getting more complicated with a lot of features. In order to operate it correctly, employees should be able to know all the operational features. KOMPO North America Inc. spends as much time as required by a customer in order to demo, teach and make sure employees are able to operate our equipment by themselves without supervising them.


KOMPO North America Inc. guarantees all the equipment and consumables (heat-shrink bags, casings, clips, loops for clipping machines) have all the required local certifications in your market where ever you are located in Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia or other countries where our company has its branches or dealers.

The Process

KOMPO North America Inc. is a call or an email away. Please, call us Toll Free at 1.888.307.5330 or email [email protected] or simply fill in a short form online, and we will get back to you.