Full Barrier and Semi-Permeable (Smokeable) Casing

KOMPO North America Inc. offers a variety of casing types, covering a wide range of products. This includes both single and multi-layer barrier, as well as, permeable (smokeable) polyamide casing. Our barrier casings are used in the production of hot dogs, sausages, pates, cheeses, butter, ice cream, polenta, marzipan, raw dog food, and other food products. In addition, our permeable casings are used in the production of smoked deli meats, sausages, kielbasa, pepperoni, salami, and other products requiring smoking or combination cooking/smoking. Casings are selected to complement the properties of particular products. This includes varying levels of adhesion for peelable casings, as well as, matted or glossy textures, depending on the desired presentation. All of the casings supplied by KOMPO North America Inc. meet regulatory guidelines for food safety, including CFIA, Halal, FDA, BRC, TUV, FSSC, and ISO. We encourage you to request additional information and free samples, today!

KOMPO North America Inc. offers barrier one-layered casing for hot dogs, frankfurters and other products as well as barrier multi-layered casing for all kinds of sausages, pâtés, cheeses, butter, ice-creams and other food products.

Advantages of the casing supplied by KOMPO North America Inc.

  • Eliminates the risk of microbiological spoilage due to the use of materials that are insensitive to microorganisms.
  • High barrier properties with respect to the oxygen, which ensures retaining of the flavor and odor of the spices and product, eliminates the risk of chemical racidification of fat and oxidation of spices retaining the organoleptic properties and appearance of the products during the entire shelf life of the product.
  • Offers stable operation in the automatic mode due to the uniqueness of the equipment and processes, as well as due to its flexibility.
  • Ensures stable filling.
  • Minimum losses of weight during both, thermal processing and storage.
  • Great mechanical strength and elasticity.
  • Provides longest shelf life of the finished product.