Smokehouse Rack Washer MMKR 1

European designed and manufactured highly efficient automatic smokehouse racks washing machine with electrical or steam water heating options, high pressure stainless steel jets designed to remove any kind of contamination in fast and effective way. Manufactured to meet all your requirements. Installation, training, service and warranty!

The machine designed for washing smoking or baking frames finds wide application in food production. These machines are economical and practical, substantially enhancing personnel productivity and the efficiency of washing and disinfection processes. Specifically intended for washing, rinsing, and disinfecting smoking frames, this washing machine requires manual loading. It features automatic water heating and door locking throughout the entire washing process.

  • Powerful water pumps
  • Separate water pumps for washing and rinsing
  • Washing time and temperature programmable
  • Adjustable water consumption
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Adjustable washing cycle
  • Active exhaust system (optional)
  • Disinfection spray after rinsing (optional)
  • Rotational filter (optional)
  • Model
    MMKR 1
  • Output per cycle
    up to 20 per hour
  • Power supply
    by customer's request
  • Water consumption, liters/hour
    4 - 10
  • Water output
    DN 50
  • Reservoir, liters
    500 liters
  • Power, kW
  • Overall Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
    3330×2000×2850 mm
  • Net weight, kg

Installations, customers’ personnel training, warranty and after warranty service provided by KOMPO North America Inc. certified technicians.

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