Tunnel Washer For Butcher’s Knives, Gloves, Hooks

The tunnel washing machine LUREA TETo is designed to wash butcher's knives, gloves, hooks, forms, press forms, metal mesh tools and others used in slaughtering facilities and meat processing plants. The water is heated by electrical heating elements or steam. Lurea TETo tunnel washing machine washes off fat, blood or any stubborn contamination effectively.

The washing module is designed to wash tools such as knives, hooks, knives sharpeners, gloves, molds and others with a washing solution of the required proportion of water and washing solution under a certain temperature rinsed through jet nozzles. The solution is warmed up by thermo-electrical elements which are located in the washing module or by steam (existing steam hook-up required). The solution goes through the system of filters and is used as many times as required.

 The rinsing module is designed to rinse the washing solution off with cold water under pressure of the totes through the system of jet nozzles. If sterilization is required, an option of connecting hot water 80-85 °С to the rinsing module is available. Closed loop of water circulation: after rinsing water enters the cleaning tank of the main washing zone. Reservoir in the main washing zone overflows and excess of the detergent with surfacing dirt (fat, oil, foam) enters the sewer drain, thereby providing continuous renewal of detergent in the main reservoir. Complete renewal of water with detergent in the reservoir occurs independently during 1.5 – 3 hours.

High productivity of the machine is provided by strong mechanical impact of detergent on the boxing by means of high efficiency circulating pump. Washing area is equipped with a circulating pump, which provides a flow of detergent from the reservoir to the injectors under high pressure, in a large volume water circulation – up to 1000 liters per minute.

  • Programmable touch screen display
  • Movable washing machine on wheels (optional)
  • Rotational filter (optional)
  • Powerful water pump
  • Adjustable water consumption
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Adjustable high and low pressure nozzles
  • Adjustable conveyor speed
  • Automatic washing soap dosing pump
  • Custom made machines available
  • The washing modules and the main parts are made of AISI 304 stainless steel
  • All components are from North America, Europe and Japan
  • Thermoelectric water heating elements
  • Steam models are available
  • Automatic wash solution dispenser to maintain the required % of wash solution in water
  • The automatic concentration of detergent in the main wash module of the tank
  • Double level filtration system to clean the washing solution
  • Removable side panels for easy service
  • Removable side panel sensors (optional)
  • Conveyor speed regulator
  • Thermoregulator
  • Programmable touch screen display
  • Powerful water pump
  • Adjustable water consumption
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Adjustable high and low pressure nozzles
  • Adjustable conveyor speed
  • Automatic washing soap dosing pump
  • Custom made machines available
  • Stationary version (machine is installed on adjustable feet);
  • Ability to control the speed of the conveyor;
  • Dual filtration system of detergent for subsequent use;
  • Automatically controlled temperature of detergent;
  • Automatic dosing and leveling of detergent concentration;
  • Digital temperature control of detergent;
  • Wheels support (optional);
  • Disinfection module (optional, may be added any time after installation);
  • Dryer module (optional, may be added any time after installation);
  • Rotational filter;
  • Air drying modules (2, 4, 8 and more fans available);
  • Custom features (optional, may added after installation);
  • Option – Disinfection solution (disinfection solution sprayed after rinsing)
  • Option – Wheels (move your machine in the storage when you don’t use it)
  • Option – Return system for boxes (one operator required ONLY)
  • Option – Active ventilation with exhaust fan (0.37-0.75 kW)
  • Option – Additional heating elements (+ 12 kW)
  • Option – Service windows sensors (machine stops when open windows)
  • Option – Rotational filter
  • Washing tunnel size, width x length
  • Lurea AIR 2 fans (optional)
  • Lurea AIR 4 fans (optional)
  • Lurea 8 AIR fans (optional)
  • Power consumption, kW
    Electrical - 32 kW, Steam - 8kW
  • Output per hour
  • Power supply
    by customer's request
  • Water input
    G 3/4; 0.3 Mpa
  • Water output
    DN 50
  • Reservoir, liters
    250 liters
  • Water pump power, kW
    7.5 kW
  • Heating elements (2 pieces)
    12 kW (each)
  • Overall dimensions: Length*Width*Height, mm
  • Net weight, kg

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