Electric boiler cooker industrial VC-660 model

Electric cooking boilers are often used in food processing plants. Our company supply electric cooking boilers with unloading baskets on pneumatic traction, which provides the opportunity to heat products not only quickly and efficiently but also as comfortable and safe as possible for the operator.

The electric cooking boiler is designed for boiling water and preparing broths for heat treatment of meat, sausages, smoked meats, and other products from meat, poultry, fish, seafood, and vegetables at food industry enterprises.
An industrial digester boiler consists of a frame on which a heat-insulated cooking vessel with an oil heating cover is installed. The heating cover is filled with Transterm 300 mineral oil (coolant). There is a perforated tilting unloading basket, the capacity of which depends on the size of the boiler inside the digester.
Raising and lowering the boiler lid is carried out by a pneumatic cylinder upon the command from the operator’s console. A silicone seal is installed around the lid perimeter, which ensures a tight closure of the digester lid. The unloading basket is raised and lowered using a system of paired pneumatic cylinders.
The electric cooking boiler is designed for operation inside industrial premises at temperatures from +10ºС to +40ºС.

Technical characteristics:

  • Material – food-grade stainless, acid-resistant steel;
  • Boiler capacity – 660 l;
  • The capacity of the unloading bucket – 500 l;
  • External dimensions of the boiler (LxWxH) – 2340×1360×1310 mm;
  • The internal dimensions of the bowl – 1250×850×725 mm;
  • The internal dimensions of the bucket – 1200×810/1200×500 mm;
  • The bucket is lifted using Сamozzi pneumatics;
  • The maximum weight for unloading – 500-600 kg;
  • Power supply – buy customer request;
  • Power – 39 kW (6×6.5 kW)
  • Water heating time from 20 to 100 ºС – ~2 hours
  • All-stainless steel
  • Perfect insulation
  • Perfect sealing of the cooking kettle
  • Mechanic or pneumatic opening of the cover
  • Temperature control of the medium
  • Different volumes of kettles
  • Different heating sources

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