Mid Output Vacuum stuffer KOMPO OPTI 2000 M

Vacuum screw sausage filler KOMPO OPTI 2000M is designed for stuffing and dosing of boiled and structured sausages, frankfurters, small sausages, liver and blood sausages and pastes. The patented design of the filling pump units allows obtaining a finished product characterized by solidity, dense consistency, without pores and voids.

The vacuum stuffer KOMPO-OPTI is an optimum combination of quality, productivity and efficiency. Vacuum stuffers of the series OPTI are designed for filling various casings and additional vacuuming of all types of forcemeat. They are adapted to a wide spectrum of meat processing and sausage manufacturing businesses, as well as, dairy packers with different outputs. KOMPO-OPTI fillers ensure a high quality of vacuuming when producing sausages of all kinds, which distinguishes them from similar equipment of other manufacturers. Due to many engineering solutions, every model is adapted to the customers’ requirements to the utmost.

  • Possibility of high-quality production of all types of sausages (with a mincemeat agitator in the hopper);
  • optimal output of all types of sausages;
  • high degree of vacuumization eliminating any porosity in all types of sausages;
  • preservation of the forcemeat pattern under the casing and on the sausage cut;
  • possibility of unitization with a clipper of any manufacturer;
  • higher durability of work elements due to the original design of the displacer screws;
  • efficient operation with liquid forcemeat due to the use of the Vacuum+ mode;
  • programmable control system;
  • mounting of an additional pair of special screws allows processing of
    non-vacuumized forcemeat;
  • possibility of visual control of forcemeat availability in the forcemeat collector;
  • possibility of heating of the stainless steel hopper and displacer housing;
  • possibility of filling of casings with melted cheese, butter and curds.
  • European and Japanese components
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Longest warranty on the market
  • Produce any kind of sausages
  • Intuitive touch screen control
  • Active agitator
  • Mincemeat temperature up to -4C
  • Stainless steel design
  • Meets all hygiene requirements in food industry
  • Easy clean
  • Model
    2000 M
  • Column loader FCB
  • Agitator in hopper
  • Inline grinding device
  • Sausage linking device
  • Forcemeat temperature, °С
    ftom -4
  • Output at nominal speed, kg/h
    9000 - 14000
  • Dosage range adjustment, gr
  • Hopper capacity, liters
    250 Liters
  • Distance from floor to spindle axle, mm
  • Output power, kW
    11 kW
  • Model
    KOMPO OPTI 2000 M
  • Overall dimensions, mm: L*W*H
  • Net weight, kg
    695 kg

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