Mixer-Grinder WRX-600/130

The Mixer-Grinder WRX-600/130 is a versatile machine designed for both mixing and grinding of raw materials used in various food products.

Combining two devices in one compact device saves a lot of space and shortens the time of the production process by eliminating the transport of raw material between a standard mixer and a butcher mixer. Thanks to its advanced mixing and grinding system, the device allows for a high production increase, which translates into the quality and flexibility of the product. The mixing process is carried out by the operation of two mixers positioned opposite each other, which have the function of variable speed and changing the direction of rotation. The grinding process is carried out using an appropriate set of sieves and knives.

The mixer is designed to work with standard stuffing trolleys with a capacity of 200 liters. The device works with a loading pole. The control is carried out using a manual panel. The design of the device allows for simple and quick cleaning. The machine is made entirely of acid-resistant steel and other materials certified for contact with food. The device is manufactured following national and European standards.

Dual Functionality:

  • The WRX-600/130 combines two essential processes into one compact device:
    • Mixing: It effectively blends raw materials for meat, vegetable, fruit, and delicatessen products.
    • Grinding: The device crushes and processes the ingredients.
  • This integration saves space and streamlines production by eliminating the need to transfer materials between separate mixers.



  • Space-Saving Design: By combining mixing and grinding functionalities, the WRX-600/130 optimizes floor space in your production area.
  • Time Efficiency: The elimination of material transport between standard mixers and butcher mixers reduces production time.
  • Quality and Flexibility: The advanced mixing and grinding system enhance product quality and flexibility.


Dual Mixers:

  • The WRX-600/130 operates with two mixers positioned opposite each other.
  • These mixers have variable speed settings and can change rotation direction.
  • The result is thorough and efficient mixing.


Grinding Process:

  • Grinding occurs using an appropriate set of sieves and knives.
  • This ensures consistent particle size and texture.


Technical Details:

  • Designed to work with standard stuffing trolleys (200-liter capacity).
  • Optionally equipped with a loading pole for convenience.
  • Control is managed through a manual panel.
  • The device is made entirely of acid-resistant steel and other food-certified materials.
  • Manufactured in accordance with national and European standards.
  • Model
  • Control panel
    button control
  • Tank capacity, l
  • Max. Charge, kg.
  • Total power kW
    15 kW
  • Shaft speed
    8-36 rpm
  • Voltage, V/Hz
    by customer request
  • Dimensions (L * B * H), mm
    1650 x 1700 x 2000
  • Weight, kg

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