Stainless Steel Buggies Washer MMK 20

This equipment is specifically utilized for the industrial washing of "meat trolleys 200 L". The washing process encompasses two primary stages: washing and rinsing. Effectiveness in cleansing the trolleys and boxes is achieved through the high-pressure supply of a cleaning solution delivered via nozzles connected to the treated surfaces. Heating for both the cleaning solution and water is facilitated either through an electric heater or via steam.


The operator installs the container in the loading device (located on the door of the machine), after which the container is automatically loaded into the cabin.


Washing takes place with warm water at a temperature of up to + 60C (depends on the temperature of the incoming water and the environment) with the addition of detergent. The tank of the machine receives water with a temperature of at least + 40C. Under the action of heating elements or steam, the set temperature of the cleaning solution is maintained. Also, detergent is automatically supplied to the tank (a non-saturated alkaline detergent is used). After that, the heated cleaning solution is fed by means of a centrifugal pump into the washing frame, which performs a rotational movement, where water under pressure washes the surfaces of the container with the help of nozzles. The spent cleaning solution flows through the filter back into the tank, carrying away the contamination. Dirt from the filter is removed by the operator (a rotary filter can optionally be installed to automate the drum cleaning process). The water level in the tank is maintained automatically.


Rinsing takes place with mains water without additional pumps. Water washes the container through a rinsing frame equipped with nozzles. The frame performs movements similar to the frame of the sink. The wastewater replenishes the tank of the main sink. It is also possible to set up the drainage of water after rinsing directly into the sewer.


After the washing and rinsing process is completed, the door opens and the operator removes the washed container.

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The design features:

  • Automatic maintenance of the cleaning solution level within the tank.
  • Incorporation of a cleaning solution filtration system enabling the reuse of the solution.
  • Implementation of digital temperature control for precise regulation of the cleaning solution’s temperature.


These features collectively ensure efficient and sustainable operation, maintaining optimal solution levels, allowing for solution reuse, and offering precise temperature control for effective cleaning processes.




  • Model
    MMK 20
  • Output per hour
    up to 20 per hour
  • Power supply
    by customer's request
  • Water input
    G 1/2
  • Water output
    DN 50
  • Reservoir, liters
    550 liters
  • Total power consumption, kW
  • Overall dimensions: Length*Width*Height, mm
    4556 x 1667 x 2600
  • Net weight, kg

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